Як позбутися акценту мови


Як позбутися акценту (Getting rid of aссent)

Hello everyone! Today # 39; s article is going to be about the accent. Do you have one? Of course you do. Have you ever tried to get rid of it?

In my opinion, having an accent is not a bad thing at all. It # 39; sa feature of our native language and it # 39; s important

to save it. Many people worry about it, but very often they confuse bad pronunciation with bad accent. I absolutely agree that bad pronunciation can harm you when you # 39; re talking to people. And you should always work on it and improve yourself. It # 39; s very important. And in the article How to improve pronunciation raquo; I told you about how you can improve your pronunciation in a very short time.

But speaking of ssian accent, I don # 39; t think that it # 39; sa bad thing. I heard so many people speaking with strong accent and I could understand them very well. And native speakers understood them without any problems as well. Some people can # 39; t get rid of sounds р raquo ;. I # 39; d say this is the most popular problem ssians. So they pronounce r raquo; with the accent. And what? It # 39; s not a big problem for foreigners to understand us. What # 39; s more, they like it. I talked to many native speakers and they told me about it.+

But there # 39; s another thing here. Some people have to make speeches or just speak English a lot at their job. In this case I think it # 39; s pretty important for them to speak English correctly and without accent. So how can we improve our English and get rid of the ssian accent? I think the best way to do it is to live awhile in some English speaking country. When you speak English with native speakers every day it influence you a lot. And whether you want it or not you # 39; ll improve your pronunciation very well and of course you # 39; ll stop speaking with the accent.

But not all of us have such an opportunity to go to another country and stay there for a long time. What can we do in this case? A very good variant to get rid of the accent is listening and repeating of English tongue twisters. And another way of course is to speak English as often as possible and try to correct yourself when you do it. If you hear that you said something with accent, try to go back and say the same phrase properly and clearly.

So guys, if you speak English and you have an accent, I want you to stop worrying about it. Your constantly repeated strong sound ррр raquo ;, just reminds people that you live in one of the most beautiful and great country in the World! And that your mother language is the best one!

What do you think about an accent? Should people try to get rid of it? And how they can do it?

Keep learning English and have a great weekend!


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